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Here is the information provided by the leagues for running their games.

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These guys pretty well follow the GYSA guidelines.  There will be no referee at U-6.

U-7/8 is four 12 minute quarters. No goalie is allowed. All kicks are indirect free kicks. They play 4v4.

U-10 Rec. is two 30 minute halves with a 10 minute halftime.  This will be a single referee with 2 club lines.  Get one line judge from each team.  They play 6v6.

U-12 Rec. is two 30 minute halves.  This will be a 3-man system of control.  They play 8v8.

U-14 and above Rec. is by the book and must have player passes.

The U-9 to U-12 Academy will be doing free subs per the book.  For Academy games, if you are a single, you can get club lines for the sides.  If you have an Academy team playing a Recreational team, go by the recreational rules of play.  If you have a 3-man crew, then run the diagonal system of control.

The Select program starts at U-13 and goes up.  All of these games will be a 3-man system of control with the games running by the book.


U-6 will not have referees.

U-8 runs four 12 minute quarters with a 5 minute half. They will have a goalie. All kicks are indirect free kicks.  They will play 6v6.

U-10 runs two 30 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime.  They will be playing on fields by Kings Chapel Rd near the Health Dept or at Rozar Park near the tennis courts.  They will play 6v6.

U-12 is two 30 minute halves.  The will play 8v8.

If you have questions, contact Russ Grant.

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